A Single Data Breach Can be Catastrophic to Your Practice

Cloud Hosting is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Safeguard Your Data

The Cost of the Average Healthcare Data Breach is $408 per Record Lost

Protect Your Data

94% of surveyed companies claimed they saw security improvements after switching to the cloud

Switch to the Cloud

Enhance the Performance, Security, and Reliability of Your Services

On-Site Hosting vs MG Cloud Hosting

Features On-Site Hosting MG Cloud Hosting
  • High Upfront Hardware Costs
  • IT Maintenance Costs
  • Licensing Fees
  • Low Upfront Cost
  • Flexible, Pay-Per-Use Monthly Subscription
  • High Risk to Data Breaches
  • Standard Data Encryption, 128 Bit
  • Little to No Physical Security
  • Low Risk to Data Breaches
  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Security Guards and Biometric Scanners
  • Slow, Limited Server Capacity
  • Pay for What You Use and Don’t Use
  • On-Demand, Scalable Server Capacity
  • Pay Only for What You Use
Disaster Recovery
  • Not Included
  • Included
Automatic Offsite Data Backup
  • No
  • Yes
Automatic Software Updates
  • No
  • Yes
24/7 Hosting Support
  • No
  • Yes
Access Your Data Anywhere
  • No
  • Yes

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    Step 3

    Test and Go-Live

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